Ransom School is open to anyone who has graduated high school. The school is a great fit for anyone who is eager to incorporate following Jesus into their everyday life. Whether that means exploring new life choices through a Biblical lens or focusing on integrating the way of Jesus into an already chosen path, we are excited to learn more about you and help you on your journey of following Christ.

Ransom School is a full-time commitment for two months during the summer. Participants are responsible for fundraising to attend, but we offer support at every point of that process. The cost is $4500-$6000 depending on the number of attendees and cost of housing. The exact number is finalized in early spring before school starts and includes your housing and programming for the summer, along with a budget for groceries and gas.

Part of claiming your spot in the school is submitting a non-refundable deposit, which counts toward the total amount you are responsible for fundraising.

The earlier you claim your spot, the lower the initial deposit.

Before August 31, the deposit is $150.
Before October 31, the deposit is $300.

The final deadline to apply is January 31, and at this time the deposit is $450.

Steps to Apply:
1.    Reach out to a Ransom School director to see if the school might be a good fit for your summer.
2.    Talk to your community and pray about the opportunity. As Patty says, make sure you have your “yes!” from the Lord before worrying about the how.
3.    Submit your online form here and your deposit to let us know that you’re officially in.

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